Coffee & Computers | What we do
free, community-based group that aims to help computer beginners gain basic IT skills in a social setting
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What we do

Our vision at Coffee & Computers is that everyone should have access to the internet and be able to benefit from the advantages offered by digital devices and online services. 

We run 2 main types of session to help users learn the basic skills required for day-to-day online tasks and to build their digital confidence:

  • 1-to-1 Support: Learners are paired with a volunteer to get help and advice tailored to their specific digital questions or tasks.
  • Skills Workshops: Tutor-led classroom style sessions, with a guided talk (inc. demos and exercises) on a selected digital activity or topic.

Most learners bring along their own device(s) to the sessions, but we can also offer support with using shared/public devices and internet access, as well as advice on low-cost refurbished devices for those that don’t have a device of their own.

Our focus is on teaching the basic skills for day-to-day use of digital devices and we can’t generally help with hardware related issues and repairs or any advanced / admin tasks.

From time to time we also give one-off talks on specific subjects or attend other community events  and groups to offer digital training.  Details of any upcoming sessions can be found on the website homepage and we also have an email newsletter that you can sign-up for to get the latest updates.

All our sessions are supported by an excellent pool of volunteers who generously give their time for free to help others as best they can.  They are not IT professionals however, and any advice is based on their personal knowledge and experience. 

Information and training given at our sessions should be considered as general guidance and may not represent the latest industry standards or professional advice.  Full guidelines for learners attending our sessions can be found here – Learner T&C’s

Our sessions are very popular, so we do recommend booking a place for EACH session you would like to attend.  You can do this via the online form, by email, or call/message the C&C helpline (07999 042497).  Organisations can also book-in or refer clients using the online form.