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How to make group video calls

Video Calling allows you to stay in touch with family, friends and colleagues without leaving home. There are many different software applications (apps) you can use to do this, and we have created quick guides to get you started on some of the most widely used ones below.
Zoom seems to proving the most popular during the current lockdown, possibly because it can be used to connect with people across all the main phone, tablet and laptop/computer systems, but there are many other options (guides will open in a new browser tab):
All these apps are free to install and use, although you can purchase upgrades for some of them that will give you access to advanced features (such as longer video call sessions, or the ability to call a standard phone number in another country for a much lower cost than from a normal landline or mobile phone).
Once installed, you can make audio and video calls for free over the internet (if using WiFi), and even connect with multiple people at the same time (group chats). Because it can use a lot of data, video calling in particular works most reliably and cost-free over Wifi, and you should avoid using it when roaming on 3G or 4G because it will eat rapidly into your mobile data allowance and could prove expensive.
All calls are made using the camera, microphone and speaker output on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Smartphones and tablets have these features built-in as do most recent computers.
WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger   are popular as chat services on  smartphones to let you message and call friends and family without incurring phone charges.
If you need further one-to-one help with using any of these apps to make video (or audio) calls please use our contact page to get in touch.