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Join a Microsoft Teams meeting (without a Teams account)

You can join a Microsoft Teams meeting (as a guest) without having to sign-up for a Teams account.  Full instructions can be found on the Teams Website, or follow the steps outlined below.


n.b. Images from a Mac computer using Chrome browser, so will look different on other devices/browsers, but the process is very similar.


If using a laptop/desktop you can join a Teams meeting through the web browser without having to download or install any additional applications.


On a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) you will need to download the Teams app before you can join a meeting.  To do this click on the application store icon on your device (i.e. App Store on iPhone/iPad or Google Play on Android) and search for “Microsoft Teams”, or click on the corresponding link below:

Teams App for iPhone/iPad

Teams App for Android


If you want to try this process out (perhaps you’ve had issues joining a Teams meeting in the past), you can follow this guide at any time, using any Teams meting link you have been sent, or the test link below (step 1).

1.  Click “Join Teams Meeting” Link
If you have been invited to join a teams meeting, you will probably have been sent an email invitation by the meeting host. Within this email there will be a link to the meeting, this is usually labelled “Join Microsoft Teams Meeting” as in the image below. Find this email, and click on the link.
If you want to just try the process out, you can click on any (old or future) meeting link, or the test link below.  When you get to step 5, you won’t be able to actually join a meeting unless the host has started it, but this is a useful way to test how it works on your computer.
2.  Continue using browser
On a laptop/desktop the meeting link will open in your default web browser.  You may then see a box asking if you want to open (or download) the Microsoft Teams app, if so, click “Cancel”.  You should then see 2 or 3 options asking how you want to join the meeting… you want to select “Continue on this browser” (or similar) option.
3.  Allow access to microphone and video camera
So that you can be heard and seen once in the meeting, you will then be asked if Microsoft Teams can access your computers microphone and video camera.  Click the allow button to proceed.
4.  Enter your name and join meeting
The last stage is to enter your name that other people will see in the meeting.  You can also check your microphone and camera are turned on with the toggle switches, then lastly click the “Join now” button.
5.  Congratulations!
You should see a screen like the one below, indicating that the meeting host will be notified that you are waiting and you should shortly join the meeting.  If the meeting has not yet started (or you have clicked on an old link to try this process out) you won’t actually be able to join the meeting and the browser will stay with this message until you click close (or navigate to a different website).