Coffee & Computers | Membership
free, community-based group that aims to help computer beginners gain basic IT skills in a social setting
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Coffee & Computers Membership

In September 2017 Coffee & Computers became a Community Organisation (a bit like a Charity, but not quite).

We have a Constitution, Trustees and a Bank Account.

Our Constitution requires Coffee & Computers to be managed by its Members.

  • Membership is open to anyone over 18 years old involved in any way with Coffee & Computers. Apply now.
  • Members can vote at the AGM* and raise matters.
  • Membership lasts for 3 years.
  • There are no obligations. All membership activity is voluntary.
  • There is no charge for membership.
  • Any Member may stand for election to become a Trustee.

* The 2019 AGM will be on January 23, 2020. Contact Us for further details. Among other matters, the development policy of Coffee & Computers for the next year will be decided.

Opinions and ideas contributed by Members are important to Coffee & Computers.

A strong, healthy and active membership helps C&C to focus the service we provide and to represent it’s interests to other organisations and individuals.