Coffee & Computers | FAQs
free, community-based group that aims to help computer beginners gain basic IT skills in a social setting
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What sort of things could I learn about at a typical session?

A: Some of the subjects frequently covered include:

  • sending and receiving emails
  • taking and and sending photos
  • social media (Facebook, Twitter)
  • using a smartphone
  • getting & using apps
  • virus protection
Q: Is there any set curriculum or course I need to follow?

A: Absolutely not – Everyone attending a C&C session sets their own goals and ambitions in discussion with the volunteer tutor.

Q: Will I be in a class?

A: No – Our sessions provide informal tutoring – usually on a one-to-one basis.

Q: How long do sessions last?

A: Usually about 90 minutes.

Q: What should I bring with me?

A: Please bring the specific device that you need help with – smartphone, tablet or  laptop, please bring it with you. Please make sure that the device battery is charged.

Q: Do I have to pay?

A: No – sessions are free of charge.

Q: Can I help as a volunteer?

A: Absolutely. C&C is always adding to its pool of volunteer helpers.

Whatever your knowledge and expertise level, the ability to help and to explain to others slightly less advanced than yourself is a tremendous asset.
See more on our Volunteer Team London page.

Q: What previous knowledge or experience do I need?

Absolutely no previous experience or knowledge is required.

Q: Do I have to book or can I just turn up?

A: There is no booking required. Just turn up.

Q: How does C&C support itself?

A: Coffee & Computers is supported by the free time its founders and volunteers donate to helping clients. Funds are also raised from supporters to help pay for such items as room hire and use of a mobile  wifi hub in venues where internet connectivity is limited. If you want to become a supporter please click on the Donate button at the bottom of this page.