Coffee & Computers | Coronavirus Support
free, community-based group that aims to help computer beginners gain basic IT skills in a social setting
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Coronavirus Support

Please find details here of some local support services, voluntary groups and other useful charity webpages that have been setup to offer help and advice through this difficult time. These range from government/council services to deliver emergency food parcels for the most vulnerable to local voluntary groups that can help with basic shopping needs, running errands or someone to chat to with a friendly phone call.
If you are unable to find your local group, or are not familiar with Facebook or WhatsApp (for the local support groups), please CLICK HERE To Send Us An Email and we can help you to get in touch (we can even contact them on your behalf if you would like).
Government/Local Council Help and Support Services
If you, or someone you know, is in the most vulnerable group (has been advised to stay home for the next 12 weeks), you can register for deliveries of essential supplies etc here:
If you, or the person needing help, is in any way vulnerable or at risk (in sheltered housing, receives at home social/health care, over 70, pregnant, underlying health conditions, etc) OR needs help with more complex issues such as finances or housing, you can also contact your local council support service:
“Mutual Aid” and other Local Support Groups
For other requests, such as help with shopping, collecting medication, running errands, dog walking, or just a friendly social chat, there are many “Mutual Aid” groups and other local support groups, organised and run-by local volunteers that may be able to help (please see link below for more information about the Mutual Aid groups):
  • Most of the Mutual Aid groups use either Facebook or WhatsApp to communicate with their volunteers and receive/allocate requests from people asking for help, but many of them also have a phone number can call to talk to one of the group coordinators. If you are comfortable using Facebook and WhatsApp, you should be able to find your local group/s using the websites above, and then clicking the relevant link should take you to the Facebook page or WhatsApp group where you can post a message asking for help.
    For safety reasons, please do not post personal/address details (beyond a postcode) to any of the the public Facebook pages or WhatsApp groups. If you want to make arrangements for shopping etc, move to a private 1:1 chat, or arrange to talk directly to the coordinator or volunteer over the phone (or CLICK HERE and ask us to put you in contact).